Arrivederci Vinstra, see you again!

So, this is it: my EVS ends here. Seems like yesterday since I came in Norway, and now it`s almost time to leave.

First of all I have to say a big «thank you!» to everyone from Ung I Midtdalen who did the best to make me feel like home here, as honestly I would have never asked for a better treatment. Coming from Italy, I confirm that Norwegian people are not cold at all. They`re just very polite and reserved, but once you get in contact with them, believe me, you`ll change your mind. Even with some different way of living that you need to get used to, it won’t be easy to return to my previous daily life, living here for almost a year with such a slow paced routine. And even being not that new to Norway (having relatives living in Oslo), I still learned a lot more about me. I would recommend to try EVS to anyone, it’s an experience that can open your mind a lot more than you think.

About my permanence here, I don`t know how much impact I had: but I`m sure that between my work with the youths, (I can say that it`s not easy at all, but still a very important learning experience), the refugees in the norwegian class and all the people I met, I had some kind of positive influence to them. I hope to be remembered in some way.
Anyway, it`s not easy to leave your hometown all of a sudden and live in another Country, especially for me, since this was my first long abroad experience. If I have to choose, I would do it again without a doubt! I feel I grew up a lot since my arrival, and I will keep everything I Iearned for my immediate future. Now I`m starting to plan what`s next in my life, and I`m sure of one thing: I`ll keep practicing norwegian language and apply it to some extent.

Kaja Camp, my EVS ended with the amazing experience which was the Youth Exchange between Italy, Portugal and Norway (so nice to end the year meeting some italians!), a last week with a lot of work and fun, between some camping at the Arvillingen lake,  trips up to Jotunheimen National Park and to Lom with its famous Bakery.
However, it`s not the time for me to fly back to Italy yet, as I’ll stay here for some more weeks to keep travelling and discover more about this beautiful Country, especially the fjords area. The beautiful Gudbrandsdal Valley is a magical place I would recommend to anyone, it`s like a world of its own, and I’m sure that it will be always a part of me.

So, this isn’t a goodbye at all: I will come back to visit again for sure, since I will always be connected to Norway in some way.

Mind you, you won’t get rid of me easily! 🙂


Arrivederci a presto! Vi ses snart!



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