Blandine Dunesme, vår franske ungdomsarbeider!

Blandine Dunesme er en av to volontører i Midtdalen 2017/2018. Hun er her gjennom Erasmus+ prosjektet «Broaden our horizon». Her er en liten presentasjon:

I am Blandine from France, I’m 23 and I will be an EVS volunteer in Norway for 9 months working in the youth house of Ringebu and Vinstra.

I come from a small town called Rostrenen located in the centre of Bretagne (Brittany in English and Breizh in breton Language). This region has a really strong history and Celtic culture. We have our own language, music, dance and food specialties that I’m looking forward to let you discover. 


3 facts about me : 

– I spent 1 year in Finland and then 1 year in Vietnam before coming here. I like to travel and go outside of my confort zone, and I can now say that I prefer cold weather than warm/tropical weather.  

– I used to play drums in a girls band when I was a teenager. I like music and every kind of art. 

– I have never eaten snail or frog (ohlala).


I’m really happy to be here and I’m ready to discover Norway and its culture (especially your food specialties 😉 ) I’m looking forward to meet all of you ! 


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