Gratis interrailbillett!

Norske 18-åringer kan igjen søke om å få en gratis interrailbillett – for å oppdage Europa gjennom Erasmus+ ordningen DiscoverEU.   

Ledig stilling som frivillig i Tyskland

Villa Leipzig i Tyskland søker etter en frivillig som ønsker å bo og jobbe i Leipzig fra desember 2021 til august 2022. Arbeidet er i en Montesorri barnhage hvor man skal bistå teamet som jobber med barn fra 4-6 år. Som frivillig får man dekket alle kostnader til å bo i tillegg til at man […]

So little time time but already a lot!

From on-arrival seminar in Balestrand Hi! We haven`t been here for more then a couple of months, but so much has already happened! First we went to do an on-arrival-seminar in Balestrand! It was a magical experience! Full of young people from many different countries. We were all living in the same house for a few days […]

On-arrival seminar and everyday life

Hei, Now are already the first 1, 5 months in Norway over! Maybe it`s because of the many kind people and the wonderful place it seems like the time just flies away?! After 2 weeks in Norway we had a really amazing On-Arrival Seminar for one week in Balestrand. We, 28 volunteers from countries all […]

Marion er den andre volontøren vi er vertskap for

Hello ! My name is Marion Fouré, I’m French and I’m the new volunteer! I am extremely honored to be able to spend this year here, in this beautiful country with an extremely interesting project, which fascinates me! In France, I am a musician, singer-songwriter. I learned music by myself, self-taught. I started doing concerts […]

Ny volontør i Midtdalen

Hei! Jeg heter Manuel og kommer fra Tyksland (My Norwegian is limited to this few words yet, so I will continue in English). I come from a small town just 15 km away from Frankfurt and I am the new volunteer for Ung i Midtdalen in Vinstra. After my hiking summer holidays in Rondane National […]

Arrivederci Vinstra, see you again!

So, this is it: my EVS ends here. Seems like yesterday since I came in Norway, and now it`s almost time to leave. First of all I have to say a big «thank you!» to everyone from Ung I Midtdalen who did the best to make me feel like home here, as honestly I would […]

The last blog from Blandine : Au revoir !

It’s time for me to tell you goodbye. This EVS project comes to an end and I would like to thank all the people who have made me feel at home here. I have travel a lot, and I have never been so well received before. If I had to choose, I would do it […]

Towards summer, towards the end

Entering the last month of this adventure, I can`t believe how time went so fast from last October, how many steps further I made, and how much I got more aware of myself.   It`s been sometime since my last blog entry in April, as May was another very busy and memorable month. I have […]

Funny facts about Norway by a French girl

After living 8 months in Vinstra, here are some funny facts about Norway according to me:   Norwegian can have really strange habits for a French person. To start: the fact of consuming snuss (tobacco in small bags). As it is unknown and illegal in France, it is really surprising at first when you meet people with it. […]