The Value of the Roots

Er du mellom 17 – 30 år, liker tradisjon, håndverk, kultur, og er eventyrlysten?

Da er dette prosjektet noe for deg! Noe kort frist, men kaster du deg rundt og har gyldig pass og reiseforsikring, kan dette virkelig være en opplevelse for livet. Og det beste? Det er helt GRATIS!

Gratis interrailbillett!

Norske 18-åringer kan igjen søke om å få en gratis interrailbillett – for å oppdage Europa gjennom Erasmus+ ordningen DiscoverEU.   

Ledig stilling som frivillig i Tyskland

Villa Leipzig i Tyskland søker etter en frivillig som ønsker å bo og jobbe i Leipzig fra desember 2021 til august 2022. Arbeidet er i en Montesorri barnhage hvor man skal bistå teamet som jobber med barn fra 4-6 år. Som frivillig får man dekket alle kostnader til å bo i tillegg til at man […]

So little time time but already a lot!

From on-arrival seminar in Balestrand Hi! We haven`t been here for more then a couple of months, but so much has already happened! First we went to do an on-arrival-seminar in Balestrand! It was a magical experience! Full of young people from many different countries. We were all living in the same house for a few days […]

On-arrival seminar and everyday life

Hei, Now are already the first 1, 5 months in Norway over! Maybe it`s because of the many kind people and the wonderful place it seems like the time just flies away?! After 2 weeks in Norway we had a really amazing On-Arrival Seminar for one week in Balestrand. We, 28 volunteers from countries all […]

Marion er den andre volontøren vi er vertskap for

Hello ! My name is Marion Fouré, I’m French and I’m the new volunteer! I am extremely honored to be able to spend this year here, in this beautiful country with an extremely interesting project, which fascinates me! In France, I am a musician, singer-songwriter. I learned music by myself, self-taught. I started doing concerts […]

Ny volontør i Midtdalen

Hei! Jeg heter Manuel og kommer fra Tyksland (My Norwegian is limited to this few words yet, so I will continue in English). I come from a small town just 15 km away from Frankfurt and I am the new volunteer for Ung i Midtdalen in Vinstra. After my hiking summer holidays in Rondane National […]

Arrivederci Vinstra, see you again!

So, this is it: my EVS ends here. Seems like yesterday since I came in Norway, and now it`s almost time to leave. First of all I have to say a big «thank you!» to everyone from Ung I Midtdalen who did the best to make me feel like home here, as honestly I would […]

The last blog from Blandine : Au revoir !

It’s time for me to tell you goodbye. This EVS project comes to an end and I would like to thank all the people who have made me feel at home here. I have travel a lot, and I have never been so well received before. If I had to choose, I would do it […]

Towards summer, towards the end

Entering the last month of this adventure, I can`t believe how time went so fast from last October, how many steps further I made, and how much I got more aware of myself.   It`s been sometime since my last blog entry in April, as May was another very busy and memorable month. I have […]