Goodbye winter! Or maybe not yet?

Another month has passed, and now Påskeferie are close.


Here I am again… another month has passed, and so many things continue to happen every day, like the recent Bursdagfest of my Norwegian class teacher. 
Can I say something? Many people often say that 
nordmenn are cold: well, they`ve never been so wrong, as I`m still amazed, to this day, to find this easy to socialize in such a small place, and being invited and have guests at home as well. 
Easter holidays, or should I call them 
Påskeferie, are just around the corner, and I will use this time to visit Stockholm with friends. 
Now I think I am really on the “core” of this adventure: with so many things to do and think about, there`s no time to get bored (well, I said this many times until now, but I like to still point it up because I think it`s important!). I helped the staff in the 
UKM Midtdalen (Youth Festival of Arts) in mid February in Videregående Skole here in Vinstra. That was a really memorable experience, getting the youths to collaborate with both me and the staff from the organization, the work in the Kiosk and the various exhibitions (from singers, to piano players, and even some acting). It`ll be hard to forget this event, the youths here were so enthusiastic and impatient to show their talents! 
I also had a trip with the youth councils to 
Stortinget, the Parliament building in Oslo. It was so interesting to see the youths learn about politics system in Norway and trying to understand, when a law is in the making, how the voting system is like. 
And what about the 
Vinterferie last week of February? For me is quite unusual to have a break week from both school and work in Italy during winter. Well, we can have the so-called settimana bianca to go ski up in the mountains (literally “white week”), but that`s not mandatory as here. During that week I had the opportunity to help the refugee department of the Kommune, who organized a skidag up in the mountains, and a sports-day in the sports hall of the city. It was great to have some responsibility, check after them and seeing them having so much fun (even with the kids!), and also being responsible for a whole bus during the trip: I felt so useful and important, and part of a team. 
About Norwegian language… I`m so impressed, because almost all of a sudden I found myself starting to understand and talk this language much more often and easier than before! 
These days I`m looking forward to the 
Nattklubb (basically, a whole night from 21.00 in the evening to 8.00 in the morning!) we`re going to have in the youth house, and planning my personal project. 
And now, even being so close to spring, it`s still winter here, with still -12 temperatures and a lot of snow, so it will take some time to see the greenery: the sun, however, is getting warmer, and I`m looking forward to try new activities in my free time. 

Vi snakkes! A presto! 

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