Marion er den andre volontøren vi er vertskap for

Hello ! My name is Marion Fouré, I’m French and I’m the new volunteer! I am extremely honored to be able to spend this year here, in this beautiful country with an extremely interesting project, which fascinates me! In France, I am a musician, singer-songwriter. I learned music by myself, self-taught. I started doing concerts since I was 12 years old, all alone, just guitar / vocals. I am also very invested in the cultural life of my city, volunteering in 2 cultural associations, a concert hall, and mounted various projects for young people with the Youth Information Office. Also graduated from BAFA (which allows me to supervise children and teenagers under 18 years in holiday or leisure centers), I mainly headed here for this mission that is related to the work that I do in France and that will probably bring me a lot for my future! I am passionate about everything that is pedagogical, educational, social, psychologies .. Finally, with my family we are host families for dogs by hosting these animals whose life was not necessarily easy! So, you know almost everything! I can not wait to live this beautiful year here! I am ready to give everything I can share! And ready to learn, discover and live! Sorry if my english is not perfect! Thank you already for your welcome! See you soon ! Marion

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