On-arrival seminar and everyday life


Now are already the first 1, 5 months in Norway over! Maybe it`s because of the many kind people and the wonderful place it seems like the time just flies away?!

After 2 weeks in Norway we had a really amazing On-Arrival Seminar for one week in Balestrand. We, 28 volunteers from countries all over Europe, who now works in Norway, had the possibility to get to know each other and our different projects, we got some information about the Erasmus+ Program, learned more about Norwegian Culture and History and the City of Balestrand. After one week, getting many new friends and funny experiences we had to say good bye to each other. But we will visit each other and get the chance to explore Norwegian places.

Also the work in the Youth-Houses gets easier every day. We get to know the teenager better and also get a kind of routine, although every day is really different. For example last Wednesday we had an Offline-Evening (everybody had to put her/his phone in a box and was not allowed to use it). So every morning I wake up looking forward to a nice day, with many new experiences!

We have now about 30 cm of snow and I really like the atmosphere of the snow and the first Christmas decoration, even though the bike ride to the Norwegian classes is not so easy every day. (but funny!).

Looking forward to have a great time, Best Regards and «ha det bra»,


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