So little time time but already a lot!

From on-arrival seminar in Balestrand
We haven`t been here for more then a couple of months, but so much has already happened!
First we went to do an on-arrival-seminar in Balestrand! It was a magical experience! Full of young people from many different countries. We were all living in the same house for a few days and had the opportunity to learn a lot of things together. It was amazing! After the seminar we gotten many new friends, who lives in different places around in Norway. This give`s us the opportunity to visit some  volunteers around in Norway, and to invite others to Vinstra!
We discovered volleyball which has become our freetime activity every Tuesday evening! It’s a great moment of sharing! Our project here is just amazing, we love our job! Day after day we learn to know the teenagers, we offer more and more activities and we enjoy more and more every moment in the youth houses! So yes, after we arrived here, we have already learned a lot, we discovered a lot of things, we enjoyed every moment and we are evolving day after day and times are flying! In order to be aware of all this and to develop  ourselves in our year here, we have even created in our apartment a system of «post- it» with «good things since we came here» and «bucket list for Norway» where we write all that!
See you soon, Marion
Manuel and I visiting friends in Nordfjordeid

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