Spring is coming

It is now already the middle of my experience as a volunteer in Norway.

After a small Christmas holiday break in France, I am back in Vinstra. The amount of snow really surprised me as well as the low temperature (we reached -26 degrees lately!). Contrary of what I thought, the lack of sun is not a problem.


To tell you more about my job, I work for Ung I Midtdalen. It means that I work mainly in Vinstra Ungdomsklubb and Ringebu Ungdomshus and make entertaining activities for youth. I also participate promptly in some cultural events, such as UKM recently. Last week, I also had  the opportunity to work for with the refugee department of Nord-Fron Kommune and help out  during Vinterferie. When I have some time. I also assist a teacher in French class in Vinstra vidaregåande skule.


Selvfølgelig, I also have some free time outside of working hours to discover more about the Norwegian way of living. Life here is pleasant and weeks are never long enough to try out all the activities or the events happening around (ski, concerts, visiting the area and the cities around, going in a hytte, being invited in a Norwegian family…). Eastern holidays are coming, and I am planning to make a one-week road trip to Geiranger area to discover the fjord of the western coast.


Vi ses ! À bientôt pour de nouvelles aventures !



Blandine, the french EVS volunteer

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