Time goes on…

…really fast here in Vinstra, and days are getting longer and longer.

And here I am again talking about my EVS experience… a thing I was always wondering when I`ve been chosen as a volunteer here in Norway was the winter: will I be able to “survive” the really long dark days? And the cold? (yes, in some days it has been almost -22) The slippery ice? And now, from after Christmas, the winter is going on really fast: I cannot believe we`re almost going towards March! These have been really busy weeks for me, with so many things to do. I can say that probably I`m really lucky (did I say this before?), because this year there has been lots and lots of snow around here: well, I think I`ve never seen so much of it in my entire life. 
I had many events and meetings during this period, and one experience I`ll never forget is when we have been with the staff from the organization at a “speed training” in a Hotel up in the mountains in Rondane National Park, and had a typical Norwegian dinner with reindeer and elk meat, and then sitting outside in the snow around a 
Bålpanne (Bonfire) drinking a warm Gløgg. And how could I forget the night-time horse ride in the woods organized by DNT Gudbrandsdalen in the end of January? That was really like a dreamy winter fairytale, with the full moon behind the clouds, snow falling and the bells ringing from the horses. 
I also just had the second seminar in Oslo. This was a really nice week, with evaluating activities with other EVS from all Norway: it was nice to see many volunteers from the first seminar along with new faces as well, to have some confrontation between my project and the others. And after that, why not having some snowboarding in Oslo Vinterpark in the weekend?


Now I am very busy with many activities: continuing the work in the youth clubs both in Ringebu and Vinstra Ungdomsklubb (which is becoming more and more fun, as I`m getting now really close with some of the youths, and hearing them calling by my name for me is a great achievement), the UKM Festival for youths this week, and starting office work with many tasks, and last but certainly not least, the personal project. There`s really no time to get bored: I cannot count how many times I`ve been invited to dinner both from the staff and new friends as well. If I think that spring is becoming closer, I cannot wait to spend more time outdoor and try many new things and trips. 

Vi snakkes! A presto! 

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